By Larry MacAdams • March 19, 2018

Efficient Kitting and Assembly Services

In an increasingly competitive global market, the need for consistent and efficient operations in manufacturing is at an all time high. Across a variety on industry and business functions, manufacturing assembly can be extremely complex and requires a multitude of small parts to complete a final product. This is as true of manufacturing assembly of airplane engines as it is of assembling marketing materials. When multiple components are packaged and shipped separately, companies not only lose money, but valuable time and resources.

Parts ready to be assembled

Manufacturing Kitting and Assembly Solutions

One solution for such inefficiencies in manufacturing assembly and marketing fulfillment is pick & pack or kitting services. This is the process of gathering components and parts needed for the manufacture of a specific assembly or product so that it can be shipped as one unit. Pre-assembled, ready-to-ship kits can then be sold as needed, replacing the laborious and inefficient process of packaging each piece as an order is received.

Reduce Handling & Processing Times

Kitting services are advantageous as they significantly reduce handling and processing times. Along with this, the number of times that individual components are handled prior to assembly decreases, which greatly mitigates the risk of mistakes and/or damage. Therefore, not only is efficiency improved, but quality as well.

Maximize Outputs, Enjoy Profits

The convenience of kitting is certain, and so are the positive effects on profits as it affords for maximized output by decreasing the amount of employee downtime due to availability of particular components and materials. Time spent finding parts as well as worrying about consistency and compatibility is nearly eliminated, therefore, resulting in gains in productivity. 

Hand assembly of fine products

Maintain Standards of Quality

Kitting is an integral step in product and marketing fulfillment, and for large manufacturing companies with a lot of small parts to be assembled and packaged it takes expertise. The presentation of packaged material must be intriguing enough to generate the interest of customers as well as maintain standards of quality in order not to damage customer perceptions of your brand. Kitting requires care and calculation.

Even in an increasingly technological world, machines lack the dexterity and care to assemble many projects particularly ones with a multitude of small components. Most manufacturers are not set up with the space or manpower for high quality and cost effective hand kitting as you need someone with seasoned experience in the field.

Trust the Experts

L.P. MacAdams is a marketing fulfillment and distribution center out of Bridgeport, CT with over 90 years in the field. They have the capacity to handle everything from assembly packaging and kitting services to necessary rework to get materials packaged and shipped in an efficient manner. To fulfill your company’s kitting and assembly needs, the well-trained staff of L.P. MacAdams is organized into work modules and production lines for the most efficient methods to accomplish any given task – reducing the need for overtime and temporary labor.

Free Up Valuable Workspace

Man transporting boxes in warehouseCombined with assessments of the most effective methods of kitting and packaging, the team at L.P. MacAdams is constantly increasing their technical ability to provide your company with a multitude of services for quality kitting and packaging. These services are all conveniently offered at L.P. MacAdams’ 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Bridgeport, CT, so you can free up valuable workspace in your own facilities.

Any Service You Need, Completed in One Place

To keep up in today’s current business climate, kitting and packaging, requires much more than gathering components in a box. The following services are all provided by L.P. MacAdams that bring an added element of brand management, durability, security, efficiency, and quality assurance:

  • Poly-Bagging
  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Carton Forming and Filling
  • Rework
  • Collating Services
  • Product Export Preparation
  • Import Repackaging and Distribution
  • Adhesive Application
  • Permanent Glue
  • Hot Melt

Each of these services allows L.P. MacAdams to support clients’ brands and affords the highest standards for manufacturing assembly. Specifically, adhesive application, permanent glue and hot melt ensure excellence in the durability of your materials and packaging. Shrink-wrapping and poly bagging also help protect products to assure quality. Benefits of poly bagging and shrink-wrapping are not limited to protection of a product, but also custom printing for effective branding to generate interest and awareness. Additionally, rework corrects defective, failed or non-conforming items found during inspection, while product export preparation helps your company guarantee compliance with U.S. and foreign government regulations. Collating services, another key component to kitting, gathers and arranges individual sheets and printed components into a pre-determined sequence for the most effective marketing and brand strategy.

These technologies hand-in-hand with a philosophy of providing the highest standard of workmanship and commitment enables L.P. MacAdams to provide effective kitting and assembly packaging services that facilitates their clients’ growth and success.

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